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CHIROPRACTIC: The staff of the CHER Clinic has extensive utilization of the best in Chiropractic services. Dr. Coy is certified in Pettibon Biomechanics, the premier structural corrective technique in which others are measured to. This allows for those patients seeking the best in corrective care to obtain levels of improvement. For those seeking simpler services, the patients are allowed to choose the level of care they wish to receive.

BODY THERAPY: Our therapists have been train in a number of techniques that can assist in your recovery with chiropractic care, or can be used as stress reducing and relaxation programs between any chiropractic treatments you might receive.

CHER4LIFE NUTRITIONAL SERVICES: Nutrition is vital in maintaining the ability of the body to its daily stresses and chemical needs. Optimal nutrition can help one improve their resistance, even in life threatening situation. The products available are through 4Life Research, a leader in natural immune technology.

The CHER Clinic will also assist patients in referrals to other procedures and/or services which might offer a variation that might fit particular situations better. The Foundation also makes available products that can maximize the natural improvement of the body’s ability to heal. The latest technology in Frequencies are also available through the CHER Foundation’s “NATURE HEALTH SOURCE” online services as well as wholesale availability to purchase 4Life Research products for ultimate in nutritional supplementation and immune support with the best and most unique product formulations utilizing TRANSFER FACTOR, a natural education molecule that outperforms all natural immune enhancement products on the market. Products can also be obtained on line for yourself as well as your friends and family. The sales of these products also support programs that help offer lower income families chiropractic services.

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